Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 10: Youth Workers/Ministers/Leaders in the Bible!!

 I was recently sitting talking to someone about youth and young people in the Bible and also talk about the idea of youth ministry.  I was explain why I do what I do, but also the Biblical foundation of what I do.   

 There has been a bit of discussion, maybe even some controversy about whether youth ministry is Biblical.  Both for the good and the bad, there has been an growing idea that because "youth ministry is new in America" that it is in fact NEW? Youth ministry the way we define it and as a position and profession may be something newer, but people working with, leading and minister to youth "outside the home" in another setting is not new at all.  As I thought about it a bit I decided to come up with a list of a few people that taught, led, mentored, ministered, worked with, and discipled people who were younger and in their teens (some even JH/MS Age??)  Here is my list of.....


10. Barnabas

9. Eli

8. Daniel

7. Elijah

6. Joshua & Caleb

5. John the Baptist

4. Paul

3. Samuel

2. Solomon


* Any that you would like to add?? Comment below.  Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or questions??