Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review: "Do These Things: Youth Ministry Best Practices"

Tim Evanchick (Timbo) of Student Ministry Central is serving up a fresh new book called Do These Thing: Youth Ministry Best Practices This short and to the point book is packed full of great common sense advice for the average every day youth ministry leader.  This 37 page book is written and formatted similar to the 99 Thoughts books.  It is divided up into 4 sections: Leadership, Parent/Church Leaders, Working with Students, and Design Your Ministry.  Each section contains up to 15 brief bits of advice that anyone leading up a youth ministry will find helpful.
The book is not written to be a lengthy explanation of a particular ministry-model or way to market the next new thing. It is a down to earth, bare-bones handbook to help anyone in the trenches succeed.

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