Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lesson Series: "Holy-Stir" (Theology: Holy Spirit)

A 4-5 Week Jr. High/Middle School "Basic of Belief" Series on who is the HOLY SPIRIT!? 

Including PDF Outline, Word Outline, Lesson Graphics, and Logos!

-Lesson 1: Holy What? (understanding the trinity & the Holy Spirit)
-Lesson 2: Righteous Name Dude! (names and pictures of the Holy Spirit)
-Lesson 3: Get a Real Job! (works of the Holy Spirit)
-Lesson 4: Get a Real Job Too? (Holy Spirit as our Conscience)

Outlines Include: Full Lesson Outline, Scripture References, Illustrations, Video Clip Suggestions, Activity Ideas, and Additional Resources/Tips.

CLICK HERE (for Outline and Note in PDF)
CLICK HERE (to download full collection of the below lesson graphics, backgrounds and logos)