Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 10: Youth Ministry "Chubby" Games?

Before you get your elastic comfort band pants in a bunch, or pop a suspender on your big and talls--I not talking about games for "chubby" people. I am talking about ran-dumb version of the "chubby bunny" game so please don't have your youth ministry over-eaters support group boycott me!? 

Although... this might be the most dangerous and controversial post yet??

10. Actual Marshmallow Bunnies (obvious...)

9. The Giant Campfire Marshmallows

8. Pickles (any kind, little baby gherkin are fun!)

7. Vienna Sausages (suggested the hot sauce kind)

6. Hershey Kisses (gets messy quick..but awesome!)

5. Whole Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

4. Worms (gummy or..real ones!)

3. Bubble Tape (see how much of the roll a person can fit in AND blow a bubble)

2. Sardines (any kind of canned fish will do!!)

1. And just in time for the Holidays....
(*just kidding...please don't do that..that is just dumb!!)