Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See You in 2013...Thanks for a Great Year!!

Thanks for a great year-everyone and anyone who stopped by the old blog here.  It has really been fun sharing my resources and other ran-dumb stuff. Hopefully you have found something that could help you around your church or JH/MS ministry?

It has really been great to see how many people have responded to this little experiment....over 15,000 hits this year.  Which for some of you way cooler than me, that may not seem like a lot, but to me, I look at it as an overwhelming and surprising blessing!

Through this little corner of the internet, God has opened up some really amazing doors to represent those ministering to Middle School and Jr. High students.  I have been able to write for a couple great magazines like "Group" and "Youthworker".  I have recently began two partnerships with some great sites like "Stuff You Can Use" and "Jr. High Ministry.Org".  I have also been excited to see my lessons, thoughts, resources and games popping up all over, being used and re-posted.  I am looking forward to a couple guest blog spot for a couple of others' blogs in the new year, so be looking for those. I have had the opportunity to interact and hear from people all over the world and even people that I personally look up to in youth ministry. 

BUT...For now I am taking a couple weeks to rest, get a break and get my sabbath on. My family and I have had a crazy fall and we need to just chill and "be present" with each other.  I will be back hopefully all fresh and new again in the beginning of January.  Feel free to rummage around and see what the last year or so has produced around here.   As always remember--Share More Than Your Opinion!!

-DAN (the JH Uth Guy)
      Ps. 71:17-18