Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: "Rock Solid Faith: Teen Study Bible"

In a market flooded with a variety of teen Bibles and youth devotional books, the The Rock Solid Study Bible: for Teens, at first glace just blends in with the crowd.  Once you begin to go through it and take some time to stop and read the side bars and notes like the “unshaken God” and “rock solid truth”, you begin to see depth in its simplicity.   It does not try to use flashy graphics, cartoons, and the usual overused cliché stuff of other teen Bibles.  

The Rock Solid Study Bible, is pretty much what it title claims- Rock Solid, with its excellent study helps, challenges, and overall solid spiritual basics that the average teen needs.   It is a good resource to have available around the office for new believers or for students growing in their faith.

Review Written for Youth Worker Journal

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