Monday, November 5, 2012

November Featured Blog: "TWEEN US"

"Tween Us" is part of the CHICAGO NOW Blog and Website. It is a great little online resource spot for things Tween and to give a bit of a parent's perspective.  It is written by a Midwestern mom who is raising a tween daughter.

From the Website:
"Said daughter loves to throw me curve balls just when I think I have this parenting thing figured out.  Good thing I have her amazing Bonus Dad for back up.  This blog is to share the stories that come from being embedded with a Tween and the research that I'm doing to better understand her and her world.
Tweens fascinate me, and I'm on a mission to learn more about them and their impact on society.  I'll share what I learn through from being in the trenches and from helpful sources.  This is a complicated age group, full of challenges and fun."

CLICK HERE to check it out for yourself!