Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Youth Ministry Invention #2: "Crick-Ettes" (now in fun flavors)

I found them at our local farmer's market just over the hill from my church. Every year for our fall retreat we do something called "Dan's Disgusting Games", so just like any good MS/JH youth pastor I drive around town looking for disgusting stuff. Every year both my guys and even my girls get into trying some kind of disgusting or unusual food.  Some may debate the spiritual value, but I find that it bonds the group, creates a memory and allows for attractional ministry (*more about that another time) Here is one of my newest discoveries! They are in fact real fun flavored CRICKETS.

The game possibilities and even the lesson illustrations are endless. On the game side of things, besides just having students eat them straight out as part of an up front challenge. Think "bobbing for crickets", "crickets on a string", "bug catcher" where students flick the crickets from a table to a teammates mouth, AND so on.... When it comes to lessons, you could really bring the story of "The Plagues of Egypt" or "John the Baptist eating Locust and Honey" to life! If you are interested in more products like this check out the website HOTLIX for things like:

- Eathworms
- Larvas
- Scorpions
- Ants
- and Even Butterflies

All in fun and exciting flavors!!

As always enjoy, have fun and hope it helps or if nothing else it gives you a little inspiration as you minister to MS & JH Student!!