Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 10: Youth Ministry Job Interview No No's

 You get the call finally, you are meeting the staff and leadership of a potential new church.  Things are going well and then you do something to mess it up.  Here are the top 10 absolute "No No's"....

10. Wearing your " I <3 Hot Moms " t-shirt.

9. Calling the Sr. Pastor "Dawg" through out the interview

8. Smoking.

7. Fist bumping the members of the search committee

6. Introducing your wife as your "life partner"

5. Insisting that people refer to you as "Grand Pastor Flash"

4. Speaking in tongues to answer questions and then getting mad when the committee can't interpret

3. Tweeting the interview questions and your answers to your twitter followers.

2. Farting loudly and then trying to blame it on the chairman of the board.

1. Taking a call from another potential church!