Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10: Weekend JH/MS Youth Ministry Moments

10. Arriving to find out that the Senior Citizens double booked our building for a banquet at the same time that we are registering and checking in kids.

9. Having a new secretary that has never done any of this before, replacing someone who had been with me for 7 years.

8.  Arriving to a camp that had lost power

7.  Leaving to help settle some of the groups in, came back to spontaneous candlelight worship time

6. Having the pizza guy arrive with unbaked pizzas, because he lost power too, but ended up staying and baking them fresh on the spot in our gas ovens!

5. Watch my leaders on the roof rain down left over hot dogs with a water balloon sling shot onto unsuspecting 6th grader girls.

4. Tell a 6th grade boy to go to the bathroom up in the trees, instead having him drop his pants in the middle of the driveway and just go?

3.  Watching half asleep uncoordinated kids that have never rollerskated before rollerskating at 1am!..WALL!!!

2. Having an outdoor Sunday Morning worship time under a perfect blue sky,in the middle of the woods overlooking a lake & valley.

1. Arriving back at the end of the weekend to find ANOTHER Banquet going on the youth building for different group!!!? 

BONUS: Arriving home and having your daughter puke all night long!