Monday, October 15, 2012

Top 10: Ways JH/MS Students Would "Improve" the Sanctuary?

  People are always saying youth are not the church of tomorrow they are the church of today.  Well, why not let them make some changes and suggestions today.  Here are ten ways JH/MS students would "improve" the sanctuary (adult worship service)..

10. Water slide into the Baptistry

9. Rope swing from the balcony, for great service opening entrances

8. Bubble machine for worship band

7. Snack bar in the back corner, serving Red Bull and Monster

6. Pews would be replaced by beanbag chairs

5. Praise Band would include a DJ.

4. Texting the Sr. Pastor through out the sermon would be allowed

3. Occasionally we would turn off the lights and have a blacklight/glow bracelet service.

2. There would be funny icebreakers to start off the service and let us get to know people.

1. Everyone would feel welcomed, no matter who we were, how old we were, .....and what we smelled like!