Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teaching T-Shirt #4: "Get Your Shine On" (w/ lesson idea)

Here is another "Teaching T-shirt" discovery, t-shirts that can easily translate into a great lesson or be used as an object lesson. In the world of multi-media sometimes it is cool just to change it up?

If you have not seen my other "teaching t-shirts", I have posted up a couple in the past... check out the ones from the before:
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The simple idea is to find non-christian t-shirts and use them as part of a lesson or series.  Being a JH/MS youth pastor, I and my kids love funny or message shirts, so I wanted to bring it into my teaching as well.  Often I will start off a new series wearing a shirt that relates to the theme or I will even find a shirt that become my lesson.  Especially great in camp or retreat settings where you are outside with no media.

Find this particular shirt in store or online at PacSun. Here is a couple quick suggested passages to ue and lesson and illustration idea that I posted a while ago to get your own creative juices flowing. Obviously the intended message of this shirt is not a spiritual one or a christian one, but it can of course translate easily to your youth ministry setting.

Suggested Key Verses:
- Matt. 5:16- "..let your light shine before others..."
- II Cor. 4:6- "Let light shine out of darkness, made his light shine in our hearts..."
- Phil. 2:15- "Then you will shine like among them like stars in the sky"

Suggested Illustration & Lesson:  

What You Need: 5 Different Kinds of Light Bulbs and a Lamp

What You are asking, illustrating, & doing: (What Kind of Light Are You?)
You will be holding up each light bulb asking "Are you like a...." and trying to see if that light bulb fits into the lamp.

Flashlight  Bulb: Small concentrated but only shines in certain areas.  It only comes out in emergencies. -Your light only shines in certain situation and only a few select areas of your life. 

Night Light Bulb: only shines and comes out in times of fear, difficulty and in security
-Your light is like a security blanket of faith.  You only really shine it when you their are tough times or you have some kind of fear in your life

Christmas Light Bulb: only shines at holidays and special occasions
- Your faith is like your church attendance only shines twice a year at Christmas, Easter, and maybe a few other holidays like Mother's Day or Father's Day

Party Light Bulb/Black Light: only shines at fun times and at parties/events
- Your light only shines when its time for the next big youth event or trip.  Your light only really turns on when it the fun times.

Regular Light Bulb: shines everyday, all day, and in every direction. It fits into the lamp,connects to the power, and shine bright.
- Your light is an every day thing and there is not time or areas of your life that you are not working to let it shine. Your light is put up on the table of your life and gives light to everything and everybody.