Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Youth Group Rules: "The Three Stooges-Style"

Every year I try to find a way to kick off the year with some excitement for all the great things that are going on for the whole year.  I also start off the year, by reminding every one of the student "expectations" (aka-The Rules).  See them in my previous post: "We Are Expecting #2: Student & Parent Expectations".  What I have decided to do the last couple years instead of reading them off or simply handing them out; I would create a video.  If you want to see the last 2 year's videos check out the "Ran-Dumb Fun " section above. This year I decided to give it a shot again using the New "Three Stooges" movie, that was a huge hit on this summer's mission trip.

Hope you enjoy. As always, feel free to rip it off or use it however it can help you in your ministry!!

*UPDATED: had a little trouble with YouTube version of the video, so I uploaded it to Vimeo.  It is far easier to download, use, and edit your use from here.