Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly & Monthly Blog Schedule?

Greetings Readers and Fellow Youth Workers!!
            Thanks for being a part of my little experiment and also your patience.  I am no media guru or youth ministry guru either.  I am just an average everyday youth worker doing the day in and day out life with students.  Everyone has been extremely gracious and thank you for all your positive comments here, on facebook, on twitter and elsewhere.  This little spot has had over 10,000 visits in just under a year.  I hope it has helped you, and others you know. Please feel free to help me back, by giving me suggestions, ideas, or your thoughts.   My desire and absolute hope is continue to share what ever I have and find and to fill this space a mainly Jr. High and Middle School content.
         I am writing a quick little piece today, because I am trying get better at this and also get a little more organized.  I also want you as readers to have a more consistent expectation and schedule for what is here each week.  I decided a while ago to create a bit of a weekly schedule for myself, for various reasons.  I have tried it out for a couple months. I want to give it bit of thought, about what and when things might best be posted each week. I based it on the average week of ministry. Here is my idea and hope for a weekly schedule and also a monthly schedule.  So now you know if you visit on a certain day what you might hope to find?

- Top Ten List
- Monday Morning Video Inspiration

- New U Can Use
- Lessons & Teaching Ideas
- Ran-Dumb Fun

- Games'
- Youth Ministry Idea & Help

- Reviews
- Free Resource
- Personal Reflection & Thought (*more traditional blogging of opinion...)

- Free Media
- Free Music
- Misc. Freebies

Monthly: (posted the first couple days of each month)
- Featured JH/MS Blog
- Featured Website
- Featured Resource or Invention