Thursday, September 27, 2012

Resource #28: "See You at the Pole: Follow Up Study"

Now that "See You at the Pole" is over. Your students have gathered and prayed..what do you do now?? Consider giving them and the adults of your church a 21 prayer challenge!

"Pray21 is a simple, 21-day prayer challenge for your congregation to pray with this generation for God's call on their life. Since the launch of this campaign in 2007, thousands of churches in dozens of nations have experienced the power of Pray21 and empowered youth to own their faith and lead their ministry.

During this 3-week period, the youth of your church connect with adult prayer partners to seek their place in the cause of Jesus Christ. As a result of this experience, young people realize their significance in God's Kingdom, they learn more about their calling, and they step forward to accomplish His plan in their lives."

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