Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lesson Series: "OMG: Who is God?" (Basics of Belief)

A basics of belief series for Jr. High and Middle School students on making "God Mine" by asking a simple question...Who is God?

Lesson #1: T.A.G.  (Think About God)
- Opening Video: “What Does God Look Like?” Children’s View (youtube)
- Series Introduction & Opening Questions: Who is God? What is He like?  Is He even real?  Why do we   believe in God?  Is there only one God? 
 - Transitional Statement…”TAG your it!  Think About God…for yourself!
* Using a White Board or “Venn diagram” program ask questions and create Venn diagram (see below) Non-Christian/Non-Church friends view of God?
- Video: “God?” (Ignite Media)
- Group Response: What is God Like to You?
- Transitional Question: “If…Than?” If God is __________,  than that means__________?
- Transitional Statement: “What you believe effects your life and what you believe about God should effect how you live?”  A belief in God gives us a different view of our world
- Object Lesson: A couple different pairs of eye glasses.  Explain how each changes your vision and perspective.
- Video: “God Lenses” (Blue Fish TV)

- Study Passages:
-          Is. 44:6
-          Jer. 9:24
-          Hosea 11:6
-          Heb. 11:6
-          Prov. 9:10
-Closing Thought: Our view of God, effects our view of everything else in our life.  We see life through our view and belief in God.
- Closing Video: “Give Me Your Eyes”- Brandon Heath

Lesson #2: I.D.K. (I Don’t Know?)
- Opening Video: Bruce Almighty- “Meeting God for the first time”
- Review of last week & introduction of new title/lesson

- Four Thoughts:
  1. No God
  2. Maybe A God
  3. Many gods
  4. One God
- Video: “There is No God” (ReelVerse)

Five Proofs to Know:
  1. The Idea of God
    Video: “A need of God” (Case of Faith DVD)

    Study: Rom. 1:18-20

    Key Idea: There is in every person an idea that there might be and has to be something bigger out there.
  1. Cause and Effect
    Video: “The Big Bang” (Blue Fish TV)

    Study: Heb. 3:4

    Key Thought: Every thing that exists must  have a cause
  1. Design and Purpose:
    Study: Ps. 8

    Key Thought:  The world reveals intelligence, order, and design with each
    thing have a purpose and reason
  1. Human Nature:
    Video: “Human Creation Design” (Everything is Spiritual DVD)

    Study: Ps. 139:13-15

    Study: Gen 1:26

    Key Thought: We can think, feel, and make choices on our own
  1. Right and Wrong
    Video: “Moral Absolutes” (Uncensored DVD)

     Study: Rom. 2:14-16

    Key Thought: We all have a sense of right and wrong. Good and evil.
- Closing Thought: We Can Know That There is A GOD!
- Closing Video: “Is God Real?” (Uncensored DVD)

Lesson #3: Who Is This Calling? (You can know God)
-Opening Video: Bruce Almighty- God Calling Scene.
- Review of last week & introduction of new title/lesson
-Opening Questions:
-          If God were to call you, what do you think you would talk about?
-          If you could ask God one questions what would it be?
-          If God were to send you a text what would it be?
 - Video: “Audience with God” (Highway Video)
 - Title: “Who is this Calling?”  Do You Know God?
 - Video: “God Looks Like” (Muddy River Media)

Study: You Can Know God
Point #1: God Can Be Known
-          Study: John 17:3, Is. 11:9
 Point #2: How is God Known?
a.       General Ways (for everyone)
- Study: Ps. 19, John 8:7-9, I Core. 10:5-6
            b.  Special Ways (for just believers)
                         - Study: I Tim. 3:16-17, Ex. 33:18-23, John 1:18
 Transitional Video: “What Does God Look Like? (Igniter Video)
 Point #3: Why Know God
1.      To experience His love
2.      To have a relationship
3.      To change our lives and change our world

-Closing: A Text from God: “Knw me & B Knwn by Me!”

Lesson #4: Like What? (what is God like?)
- Opening Video: “God is Like?”
 - Title and Opening Discussion:
-          What is God like?
-          What are some of thing you have heard in church?
-          What are some of thing you have heard outside of church?

Study: God is…
-          Ex. 3:13-14
-          John 4:24
-          Deut. 33:27
-          I Kings 8:27
-          James 1:17
-          Is. 5:15

- Rewind: Group discussion- “If…Then”.  Go back and fill in the blank based on the verses: If God is ___________, then_______________________!
- Transitional Video Groundhog Day- Diner Scene- “not the God, but a god?”

God is…”Omi”
- Omniscient (all knowing) Study: I John 3;19-20
- Omnipresent (all present) Study: Job 42:2
- Omnipotent (all powerful) Study: Ps. 139:7

- Rewind: Group discussion:” If..Then”  Go back again and fill in the blank based on the verses: If God is ___________, then__________________!
 - Closing Video “One God” (you tube)
- Closing Thought: There is one God and He wants to be understood, known and respected. 

Lesson #5: G.L.M.* (God like me, Me like God)
- Opening Video: “Who is God?”
- Review: Last Week’s Lesson and Main Point: What is God Like?
- Transitional Thought: God has characteristics and attributes that only He can have, but he also is like us…well we are honestly like him.
- Introduction to lesson and title: God Like Me, Me Like God

Study:  How is God Like Me..How I Am I Like Him
- Read: Gen 1:26
- Read : Luke 10:27
- Explain the 4 parts that the lesson is going to cover:
-          Spiritual
-          Emotional
-          Mental
-          Physical

Study the 4 Ways that God is Like Us & We are Like God:

-Faithful: II Tim. 2:13
-Grace: I Peter 5:10
-Longsuffering– I Peter 3:9
-Holy-I Peter 1:16
-Mercy– Ps. 86:5
-Goodness-Ps. 119:68
-Justice- Deut 32:4

-Happy/Laugh– Ps. 37:3
-Anger– Rom. 1:18
-Love– I John 4:8,16
-Hate– Prov. 6:17-19
-Jealous– Deut. 4:24

-Think/Reason– Is. 1:18
-Wisdom– Rom. 11:33
-Knowledge– Prov. 15:3
-Remember– Gen. 19:29
-Will– Eph. 1:11

See & Hear– Ps. 94:9
Smell– Eph. 5:2
Beauty– Ps. 73:25

Closing Video: “Character of God”
Closing Thought: Your created in God's image- Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and even Physically.  You are like Him and are connect to Him.

 Lesson #6:  Call Me Maybe? (God’s Names)
- Opener: “Your Name Here” powerpoint game (simply youth ministry)
- Introduction & Title: “Call Me Maybe?” (what are God’s names?)
- Transitional question: Who know what their name means?
- Transitional statement: God has many names and each one means something different and also helps us to understand a little more about him.

- Video: “Names of God” (youtube)

Study: God’s Proper Names
1. Gen. 1:1- "God" (Elohim)
- 2750 x's
- Plural
- General
Other Forms:
- Gen. 14:22: Host High (Elyon)
 -II Sam. 6:18: Almighty (EL Shaddai)
-Gen 21:33- Everlasting(El Olam)
-Gen 16:13- God who sees(El Roi)

2. Gen. 16:13: “Lord” (Adonai)

3. Ex. 3:13-15“Yahweh” (Jehovoah)
Show Movie Clip: “Prince of Egypt”- Moses and the Burning Bush
- 6,823 x's
- "means the God who Exists"... I am..
             (* Hahaw- "exist")
Other Forms:
- Gen. 22:14-Provider (Yahweh Jireh)
- Ex. 31:13- God who sancticfies (Yahweh Maccaddeschem)
- I Sam. 17:45- Lord of Hosts (Yahweh Sabaoth)
- Prov. 12:12- Righteous One (Yahweh Tsidkenu)

Study: God’s Nicknames
Transitional Questions and Discussion: What is your nickname?  How did you get it?  Who gave it to you?

Here are some of God’s Nicknames:
- Heb. 12:29-Consuming Fire
- II Sam. 22;2-3- Rock Fortress
- Ps. 23:1- Shepherd
- John 20:17- Father-
- Is. 1:4-Holy One
- Ps. 7:8-Judge
- Is. 44:6- Alpha & Omega

Optional Closing Study: The Importance of a Name
Read Ex. 20:1-7

Question: So how do you use God’s Name?

6 Ways we can misuse disrespect and “Take God’s Name in Vain”:
1. Using it as a swear word or expression
2. Make false promises with it or to God
3. Profess to believe in it but don't live like it
4. Worshipping with mouth and not with heart
5. Praying without faith
6. Doing evil in the name of God

Closing Thought: Call God! Get in contact with God and take time..make time to know Him, talk to him and make Him "OMG"... "My God"..personally. Simply call Him by name! 

Above is just the quick outlines of the lessons.  These lesson were created and presented using Media Shout I have "packed" and saved the entire series including text, graphics, backgrounds, and illustrations. If you would like it on disc. I would be more than happy to send you one!