Monday, August 13, 2012

Wimps, Moaners, & Gangsters: Christian Music?

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength...I will dance before the Lord...They will come into His sanctuary with rejoicing in their hearts...?

What happened to Christian music?  Whatever happened to just a good upbeat joyful song.  Where is the dance beat jams or a little bit of the old "tongue-n-cheek" fun?  Maybe I am getting old, and admittedly I am, but it has been too long since we had fun Christian music.  Does anyone remember "Reliant K", the original one, not that sad break up song group, the one with fun songs about going to a "Sade Hawkins Dance" or watching "Charles in Charge".   Does anyone remember a little "POD" or my old friends "Skillet" bringing some hard rockin' fun.  How about some back in the day beats with "GRITS" or KJ-52 that gave us something to dance too!

Here is my passing thought, we of all people should have the best music and honestly the best party songs.  We after all have hope and joy.  We know what life is really about and that there is a reason to live, love and laugh.  Why doesn't our music reflect it?  On top of all that of all the places in the church that should have fun, upbeat and joy filled music it should be the youth!  Right?

What we have now (in my opinion) is mostly "Worship Wimps", "Metal Moaners", and "Gospel Gangsters".  I can't think of how many times in the last 5 years I have went to an event, concert or even turned on the radio and heard sad or down right depressing music.  There is a reason our students are turning on LMFAO and turning off "Christian" music. Please don't get me wrong, there is a "time for everything..." but just like there is a time to mourn there is also a time to dance.  I think it is time to balance it back out again.  Music speaks literally volumes and what is our music, musicians and attitudes really saying? 

Worship Wimps
They get up with their  "To Write Love on Her Arms" v-neck and skinny jeans and talk about how broken they are. The lights go down low and one single spot light goes on.  They strum slowly, sing slowly, and slowly get choked up.  They play a song about falling down, laying down and crying out.  The crowd just stands their and we all feel sad. We are all weak and wilting from our pathetic sins. 

Yes, absolutely there are moments for quietness, reflection, and to admit our brokenness, but then there is victory!  Christ has overcome!  The chains are broken, sin is no more, it is time to give a shout of praise. Jump around and get crazy Christians we are saved!!

Metal Moaners
Huge gauges, tons of tattoos, a couple strange piercings...really I didn't know you could pierce your Adam's apple. Although maybe that would explain the growling vocals and a couple of the screams? Call it metal, punk, emo, screamo, or hard-core.  It is just somewhat scary.  Honestly, I like some of it...some of it. There are some bands out there I appreciate, but come on.    If I get punched one more time in the head by another Christian as they flail around, somebody is going down.   How about some talent?  You can do this thing and do it with some skill.  I am not attacking the style, I am asking for some skill, talent and commitment to the art.  Not to mention some lyrical content? 

P.S.- think of some decent names.  It is really hard to put some of your names in our bulletin.   I know words like "plague", "gun", and "death" seem cool but it really hard to explain to my 60-something pastor why I would book you...

Gospel Gangsters
Hey I am a white-boy, but I do like me some beats.  I once again love the style/genre.  My kids 4 and 8 like to dance, even my MS/JH students like to have something to jam out to!  I know you grew up on the "da hood". I understand life is hard and your are too.  I know the drugs, girls, and cars are tempting.  Now that God saved you out of that give me and also your peeps still living in it, some hope! I want to give you some thug love and some cred, but it is really hard to because you keep telling me to "pull some steel on the devil in a divine drive by..." or "find myself a holy hoochie mama?"  I also need me some dance beats and something to get up and "bring it to the street's with my crew"...

Seriously, I decided to have a small group dance crew dance off for our fall retreat last year. It is really hard to find Christian songs to use.  Let alone try to find something to workout to? My wife and I have been trying to get in shape over the last year and we have been scouring the internet to find some good music to work out to!

I know as you read this you may think I am negative or sarcastic, but I honestly want some good music.  Something that showcases God-given talent, creativity, and spirit that shows the world that we are the real deal.  We are a people of joy, praise, and power.  We are real about who we are, but even more real about how great our God is!!

If you have some music you would like to suggest, PLEASE do.  I love music and even more my 4 year old & 8 year old do too.  I also need some good up-beat music to use in the videos I make for my ministry.  It hard to put some of the music I find behind a fun event- "I Can Only Imagine' doesn't go real well behind a night at SkyZone Trampoline Park?  :-)