Monday, August 6, 2012


Just in case you are checking around or reading this and wondering why there is nothing on here for a week or so.  I am obviously on vacation. In order to finish my master's in middle school education last year (2010-2011). I had to take all of my vacation time.  SO...This will actually be my family's first full week of vacation in close to 2 years, other than a few "comp-days" and holidays!!

Thanks for reading my blog.  It has been fun to see over the last couple months how many people have been reading and responding to it.  I hope to come back ready and refreshed with some new ideas to share, along with other ran-dumb reflections, top 10's, and hopefully some helpful ideas from over the years.  I of course will be continuing to roam around the internet trying to find freebies, resources, and news that may help you minister better to middle school and Jr. high students!

I hope you as well have found time for yourself and your family to get away this summer. If not DO IT..DO IT NOW!!


DAN (the JH Uth Guy)