Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lesson: "The Story: Teen Version"-Series Introduction

 Quite a few churches, like my own, are doing the church-wide teaching campaign using "The Story"  We have been assigned the task of using the teen edition and curriculum. It seems good, but I like many feel the need for a little more than what is provided.  I will be writing some accompanying material as I teach it over the 31 weeks. I will hopefully be posting up my material here for others to use.

Here is the brief overview of my introduction lesson  that I taught to start our 32 week study.

- Introduction Video: “The Story: Teen Edition” Teaser
- Series Introduction: Talk about the idea of stories and the importance of story telling in human culture.
- Play: Powerpoint Game: “Famous First Words" (Simply Youth)
- Group Discussion Questions
            - What was your favorite story growing up?  Why?
            - Why do you think stories and storytelling is so important to humans?
            - What about the story of the Bible? Do you think we can relate to it?
- Transitional Video: “Interesting Facts”
- Transitional Questions:
            - Is the Story in the Bible more than just a story?
            - Is the stories of our life connected to a bigger story of all of humanity
- Explain the idea of an “Upper Story” and a “Lower Story”

Transitional Questions & Lesson Theme:
What are we going to learn in the next 32 Weeks?

Point #1: See the BIG picture of God’s Great STORY
-          Video: “Bible in a Minute”
-          Study: Gen 3:11-15

Point #2: Learn the deep truths about God’s character through the STORY
            - Video: “Adam to Jesus”
-  Study: Peter 2:1-3

Point #3:  Learn to listen for how God gives direction & insights to life in the STORY
-          Video: “The Book”
-          Study: II Tim. 3:14-17

Point #4: See how your story connects to God’s big STORY
-          Study: Jer. 29:10-14

Closing Verse: Rev. 22:1-5