Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: "Raising Wise Children"- Matlock

I recently had the privilege to sit down to lunch with Mark Matlock during a training at a local Christian university.  I had met him briefly at a Wisdom Works event a long time ago and since then have been impressed by his work.  During the day of training and lunch while picking his brain a bit about ministry, found him once again to really know students, ministry, but also parents.  His most recent book Raising Wise Children, is him letting us all in on his wisdom.  It is a follow up to his other book and trainings, Real World Parents: Christian Parenting for Families Living in the Real World. Once again with a humble and refreshing approach Mark writes a book that is understandable while diving deep into Godly wisdom on family, parenting, and life.

 The first half of the book builds a strong Biblical foundation about wisdom, what it is and isn’t and presents practical understanding of it in context of family.  The second half builds on that foundation with application and practice, including Chapter 9, where he brings in the youth ministry element discussing the importance of “wise influencers”.  Similar too many of the great books that are coming out, each of the chapters also end with a “do something” challenge.  Each of these gives a fun suggestion for parents to do with their kids to reinforce what the chapter has covered.  

This book is not just another parenting book for you to throw on your shelf or reading stack this a true resource. If you are a parent and doing youth ministry this absolutely a valuable read.  Just as important, as youth ministry moves toward an inter-generational/family focus, this book will easily become one that key in that movement.
Use it for a parenting class, for counseling sessions, or make it a part of the books you suggest as families come into your ministry.

* Review Written for Youth Worker Journal