Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: "Real Conversations" DVD Curriculum


I was truly excited to hear that Jonathan McKee was releasing a new curriculum and DVD about sharing your faith.  I have always had great respect for his discernment and wisdom on teen culture and society.  I knew if he were to release something to help teens share their faith it would be excellent.  I was not disappointed.  Real Conversations: Sharing Your Faith without being Pushy is a thorough, concise training.  It is a 4 session DVD driven curriculum that also includes participant guides and a leader guide.

The participant guide is divided up into “alone time” and “large group time”, which I love.  The “alone time” is not homework, but a short journaling reflection assignment that prepares the student for the coming weeks “large group time” and video clip.  The “large group time” includes an overview of what is happening, along with great small group discussion questions.  The leader guide gives good suggested “say this” and “transitional statements” to help those who are not sure what to say, while allow the more seasoned leader the freedom to share.  The leader guide additionally includes fun group activities and engaging learning practices.  There are also solid “wrap up” helps for both large and small group times.  The DVD itself could almost be stand-alone resource with its strong presentation and fast moving clips, visuals and McKee himself sharing.  The 4 parts of the series each work well and give both leader and student a strong foundation to have Real Conversations about faith. 

Genuine and authentic, this is a needed resource in the youth ministry setting.  Nothing against many of the other fine resources out there helping teens share their faith, but this one does it with a simple conversational approach.  It will make your students feel comfortable and natural in sharing their faith, without unneeded complicated scripts or things to memorize.  If you are looking for something to help teach real life evangelism no need to look any farther than this set of books and DVD.  Well worth the small investment as it can be used again and again. 

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* Reviewed and Written for Youth Worker Journal