Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Repost: "15 Ways to Remember Names"

15 Ways to Remember Names

Are you struggling to remember your students' names? With so many energetic faces, they can be easy to forget. Here's 15 tips we have to help you remember them.

1. Say their name quickly.
2. Use their name frequently in the conversation.
3. Ask a question using their name. (“Jana, how did you hear about tonight?”)
4. Say their name in your conversation departure.
5. Relate their name to someone you knew previously, or to a place.
6. Take pictures of them and write their names on the backs of the pictures, and use them as flashcards.
7. Look closely and attentively at them as they speak and try to find distinct features about them.
8. Do something fun with them. You always remember someone more when you are laughing and having fun!
9. When all else fails, give them a nickname that's appropriate for them or sounds like their name. (i.e., Hector=Nector)
10. Ask for identfying information.
11. Associate the name with someone else you know with that name.
12. Study the student's face while you're being introduced.
13. Ask God to help you remember and care—we remember what's important to us.
14. Write the name down (on your hand, card, or scrap paper). The act of writing will help you retain it.
15. Ask the student to test you on it.