Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Resource #19: "Cross-Cultural Training Workbook"

This workbook, Culture Matters, is a cross cultural training workbook produce and provided by the Peace Corp. It is a map to guide people through a cross-cultural experience and also a way for people to record their thoughts and feelings as the live and work in a culture. It contains a variety of exercises, as well as stories and quotations from people who have served, from experts on cross-cultural training,
and from the kind of people someone might expect to meet in a new country. Their stories present the exhilaration, satisfaction, confusion, and frustration that are all part of being a volunteer. Participants can compare these sentiments to theif own observations and reactions as they move deeper into the culture
around them.
I used this book as a resource to help me prepare a training my two mission trips teams this year.  It is an extensive guide, but is absolutely excellent.  Well worth a download and quick look.  Hope it helps you in your ministry!!

CLICK HERE (to download)