Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: "More Than Skin Deep: A Guide to Self & Soul"

   Recently I met Crystal Kirgiss at a Middle School overnight event, where she was the speaker for the evening, as well as doing a short leader training.  I had just a brief chance to talk to her one-on-one, but was impressed by her insight and knowledge. Her training topic for the evening was on “Gender Roles & Issues”.  It was a condensed version of what she had been leading as part of the YS-paloosas.  After hearing some of what she had to share, when the opportunity to review her book, More Than Skin Deep, I jumped at it,

            This book is excellent and once again demonstrates the author’s insight. Even as a man, it allowed me to better understand the girls in my group and also my own young daughter.  The book uses the idea of “skin” and our society’s obsession to take readers beyond the physical to the spiritual. In the 10 well written chapters Kirgiss does not waste any words encouraging, loving, and lifting up girls.  Much like her other works, she speak directly from her heart and life to the hearts and lives of her female readers.   Beyond just the content of her writing, she also includes a journaling element throughout the chapters along with questions at the end of each. This allows the book to go beyond just a quick read, but also something can be looked back on and even re-read again later on in life.

            I can see this book easily translating into a teaching series or study for girls in a big group setting, small group, or even privately a mother and daughter.  This is a book, which I will be buying a couple copies of to have in my own office to offer as part of counseling along with suggesting it to my female leaders to use in their mentoring.   If you are a male youth worker this is a highly suggested reading for you, in order to better understand and lead well the girls of your ministry.

Written for Youth Worker Journal Magazine