Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: "Hot Button: Internet Edition"- O' Dell

In Nicole O’Dell’s other newest book Hot Button: Internet Edition she takes on another hot button issue among teens, pre-teens and their families-the Internet.  Especially for those who have pre-teens or work with middle school/Jr. high students this book is written just for you.   At the beginning of chapter 2 she uses this statistic, “…children ages eight to twelve admit to spending an average of 11.4 hours online a week”, and you know it is true if not even a little low.   For students in the middle school/Jr. high years the internet is king in their lives.  It rules their time, relationships, and identity, that is why this topic not only needs to be addressed, it has to be addressed.  This book is the book that has needed to be written.  There are other fine books out there, but this book with its fair but straight forward approach is a cut above the rest in my opinion.

Similar to Nicole O’Dell’s other book Hot Button: Dating Edition, she starts off acknowledging the foundational problem as sin.   She again leads the reader through the key questions of when and how?  She then immediately dives into the hot button issues that surround the internet in the lives of young people.  She brings up a few of the current social networking sites, the issue of illegal file sharing, and then focuses in on the big ones,  pornography and predators.   The second half of the book, in similar fashion to her previous book, gives very solid practical steps to protecting, praying and communicating over the issues of internet use. It also includes “strategic scenarios” to help facilitate discussion.

As this book is brand new, it is right on where it needs to be addressing the current trends, topics and technology.  The book is well written and thoughtful. This is a great resource to be shared with parents or to be kept for your own use.  The format leads easily to be used in teaching a short series on internet and technology discernment.  The only draw back I can see with this book may be its self life, unfortunately.  With a topic like this and the fast moving world of technology and internet it may soon become outdated.  I however do feel it well worth the price as it is so full of much needed practical help.