Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: "Hot Button: Dating Edition"- O' Dell

Hot Button: Dating Edition is part of a new series of books by teen author and radio host, Nicole O’Dell.  These books are written as handbooks for parents to address “hot button” issues that they face with their teens.  They are divided up in four parts and are written in similar format and style giving continuity to the overall series.  The books start off by explaining the issue as well as giving specific identifiers related to the issue.  The second hand half of the books are practical, Biblically-based guides to start addressing the issue and also actively working through the issue.

The Hot Button: Dating Edition book is a very thorough study of teen dating, with an extremely focused, but fair approach to the topic.  Little time is wasted, as the author cuts directly the main issues and questions teens and parents ask when it comes to dating- Why? When? How?   As O’Dell walks through the answer to the questions that she presents she answers each with a well-balanced Biblical mind-set.   She points to the differences and gives the reader an understanding of: “like”, “lust” and “love.   She also includes excellent actions steps and check point questions at the end of each chapter to help parents along the journey to creating a person plan for their family.   I absolutely appreciate the final section of the book that gives both the parents and teens spiritual practices to work through as the begin the journey of dating relationships.  I especially love chapter ten’s “Armor of God” prayer practice and chapter eleven’s set of strategic scenarios to use with teens.

As a middle school/ Jr. high youth pastor, this is an invaluable tool with parents approaching me already dealing with many dating and relationship issues.  This is a great book to give away to parents, or could with very little work translate into a 4 week parent training.  With so many books on the Christian market trying to deal with the issue of dating, I recommend this book because it puts leadership back in the hands of the parents.

Written for Youth Worker Journal 

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