Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June JH/MS Website of the Month: "Batteries Included"

From the Site:
This site is all about helping you make disciplemakers of 11-14-year-olds in your own world!
Our team at Cadre Ministries believes God can use middle schoolers as disciplemakers who change the world. After working with this age group for over half my life, I’m more convinced of this than ever.
I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband Craig and newborn son, and serve both as a youth leader and staff member with Cadre. I hope this site helps you stay sharpened and encouraged in your ministry with students as we share what we’re learning & interact with you.
 This a great site that has actually been around for a while. It includes a variety of resources, information, and wisdom on:
I love the site and the regular e-newsletter that they send out.  I am also glad the MS/JH resources, websites and blogs are continuing to grow.  Here is just another great one hope you check it out...