Monday, June 18, 2012

JH/MS Lesson- "There's an App For That"

 About This Lesson
 eBay. A great place where people can buy or sell anything. I think I even found my grandma's cookies on here. Just like many put their junk on eBay for sale and ask for cash. God does the same in our lives. No cash needed. In this lesson students will discover the story of the woman brought before Jesus. Students will be invited into the family of God and challenged to look at their own mistakes that need to be made new.









  This Lesson Includes

Object Lesson
Memory Card Sheet
Recycled? Powerpoint Game (97-Current compatible)
Powerpoint Game Write Up
Game Title Graphics
Ice Breaker
Small Group discussion w/ leader's notes
Full Screen and Lower 3rd Series Graphics
Take Home Activity Write Up

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