Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Music #6: "Worship Circle Mix Tape: Side A"

 In 1994 Ben met and married Robin Pasley and together they formed the alternative-rock duo 100 Portraits releasing two albums in the 1990’s, Time Will Be The Tell and Five Wise Virgins, and touring almost exclusively as underground Christian artists in the university scene in bars, clubs, campus events, as well as partnering with campus ministries.

It was toward the end of this adventure as married music missionaries, innovating new ways to build a music career, and interacting with tons of pre-believing college students that the first vibrations of the idea called Enter The Worship Circle began to take shape. The First Circle recorded with guest artists, Waterdeep, featured hit songs like "You Are So Good To Me" and "I Will Not Forget You." Now, the Worship Circle team continues to create new resources for worship leaders and inspire new creative worship forms. There are 9 albums in the Worship Circle catalog!