Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DVD Curriculum Review: "Take Your Pick: Holidays"

Holiday times are sometimes the hardest times to teach a lesson or lead a study, especially something fresh and new. Take Your Pick: Holidays is a DVD driven curriculum that offers 6 fresh, new studies for the usual Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter, but also includes lessons for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Black History Month/Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you are looking for “youth ministry baby-sitting” of popping in the DVD and let someone else teach, this is not it. The DVD along with 6 short video vignettes also includes a 139 page leader book that offers good solid in-depth lessons. Each lesson includes an assortment of options for teaching the lesson including: games, discussions, written reflections, handouts and even a message outline.

As a whole this is a great resource to have for those special holiday times, but the video clips and lessons could easily be used any time through out the year. I especially like the “Man Up” lesson for black history month, as it is one of those lessons that we might not teach. The video clip for the lesson along with the accompanying material is worth the purchase of this resource. This is excellent for any age youth ministry, but in my opinion it an outstanding resource for my own middle school/Jr. high ministry setting, as it offers variety of options to meet the differing learning styles of my students.

Here is a sample: Lesson/Video #1: "Man Up"


* Review written for Youth Worker Journal

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