Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 10: What To Do if You are Bored in Adult Service?

10. Sleep (suggest really loud snoring & blanket)

9. Make-out with your Wife (if you not married, does not apply)

8. Hum softly and pretend it is somebody else (CLASSIC!)

7. Roll marbles down through people feet (Bonus point if you hit the altar)

6. Man-scaping (clip toe nails, pluck eye brows, trim nose hair..)

5. Work Out- toe touches, pew crunches, Bible curls,…

4. Try to start a “Worship Wave” (hint: doesn’t work well during sermon)

3. Clap, Whistle, and “Amen” after ever point that Sr. Pastor makes

2. Make funny faces at a worship team member (to see if they will laugh)

1. Make Ran-dumb Top 10 Lists…?