Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 10: "That Awkward Youth Ministry Moment..."

You know the ones, those awkward moments as youth pastor/leader when you find yourself stuck and don't know what do??

That awkward moment when...

10.)...You say something in a lesson and realize it means 2 VERY different things

9.) ...You get caught grabbing your wife's butt at church

8.)... You are in your office and fart then immediately someone comes in

7.)... You forget your lesson plan and all you can think of is Katy Perry lyrics

6.)... Your leader gets caught mooning a passing car (*and it a deacon)

5.)...You realize your fly was down your whole lesson.

4.)...You get caught TPing the Senior Pastor's house

3.)...You slip and say what you are actually thinking about something (or someone)

2.)... Your child learns a new "dirty" word and decides to try it out in Sunday School

1.)....A couple of your students pop by the house unannounced during "THAT Special Date Night Time"  ( answer the door with your shirt on backwards and inside out!!)