Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top 10: Summer Movie-Based Service Projects??

10. Dress up like a character from ICE AGE- give out cold drinks on a hot day

9. Dress up like SPIDERMAN- climb up in trees and get kids cats down

8. Dress up like SNOW WHITE- read kids stories at the library (hint: dressing up like the queen or the huntsman..not as good)

7. Dress up like someone from ROCK OF AGES- lead praise & worship at your church

6. Dress up like Marty from MADAGASCAR- put on a circus for under-privileged kids

5. Dress up like THOR- use your hammer to help Habitat for Humanity build a house

4. Dress up like ABRAHAM LINCOLN- chop wood with your ax, instead of vampires

3. Dress up like CAPTAIN AMERICA- use your shield to serve food to the homeless

2. Dress up like IRON MAN- help people at a nursing home iron their clothes

1. Dress up like the HULK- help people carry their heavy groceries?
Here is a quick PowerPoint, I transferred from media shout that I created for my group ("slide share" didn't upload it fully...but you get the idea)