Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Resource #8: 12 Week Video Teaching Series


#HASHTAG is an online video series aimed at youth groups across the country with the goal of starting a conversation about the life and work of Jesus Christ.

Twitter has made what we call hashtags (#) popular for searching content, starting conversations, and even sparking revolutions. What we hope to do is provide one message on 12 topics over the Summer of 2012 to start conversations about our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can help us. Each week starting May 23rd, we will unveil and new video aimed at our specific topic. Tweet, share, and update your status on Facebook with the #hashtag and you can help spread the Word – the living Word of Jesus.

Each video will be about 15 minutes long. Share them with your Bible classes and youth groups and help us get the world talking about #Christ.

Here is the 12 week schedule of speakers and topics..

to check it all out and find out more