Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Media #15: Graphics Library: Logos, Photos, More...

Creation Swap, formerly "Creative MYK" is back with a vengeance with 183 pages worth of FREE media resources: Photos, Slides, Logos, Banners, Bulletins, Invitation and More.  Most of which are editable in a variety of formats.  It is also a great place to share your own stuff whether you want to sell or are willing to share....Remember what your mom taught you "Share is Good!" 

All around an amazing place to either use their stuff or get a little inspiration of your own!

CLICK AWAY (go right to the FREE Stuff)

Top 10: Summer Movie-Based Service Projects??

10. Dress up like a character from ICE AGE- give out cold drinks on a hot day

9. Dress up like SPIDERMAN- climb up in trees and get kids cats down

8. Dress up like SNOW WHITE- read kids stories at the library (hint: dressing up like the queen or the huntsman..not as good)

7. Dress up like someone from ROCK OF AGES- lead praise & worship at your church

6. Dress up like Marty from MADAGASCAR- put on a circus for under-privileged kids

5. Dress up like THOR- use your hammer to help Habitat for Humanity build a house

4. Dress up like ABRAHAM LINCOLN- chop wood with your ax, instead of vampires

3. Dress up like CAPTAIN AMERICA- use your shield to serve food to the homeless

2. Dress up like IRON MAN- help people at a nursing home iron their clothes

1. Dress up like the HULK- help people carry their heavy groceries?
Here is a quick PowerPoint, I transferred from media shout that I created for my group ("slide share" didn't upload it fully...but you get the idea)

Side Walk Chalk Encouragement

      Simple easy, but very personal way to encourage your students.  In the age of facebook, twitter, and texting, sometimes the old fashion written word makes a huge impact.  This is fresh fun spin on the personal written message.
       While students are at school make a quick trip to a couple of homes and write words of encouragement or a verse on their sidewalk or driveway.
       For a little more excitement and fun get a group of students or even leaders and go out in the middle of the night.  It is better more positive alternative to the old TP raid, but with same excitement and "risk" of being caught.
       It also can be a way to let students know you miss them if they haven't been in group in a while, send birthday wishes or a get well soon.  It can  become an on going thing and  a big deal among students to see who get "hit" next!

Free Resource #9: Youth Ministry Handbook

Russ Cantu the youth pastor at Prescott Evangelical Church in Modesto, CA and Youth Ministry Resource Extraordinaire, Tim Schmoyer of "Life in Student Ministry" shared this awesome resource a YOUTH MINISTRY HANDBOOK!!  

The table of contents includes:
  • A Word from Student Ministries
  • Vision and Values of Prescott Church
  • Statement of Faith
  • Qualifications for Leadership
  • Volunteer Commitment
  • Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer Reference Form
  • Ministry Path of Travel
  • Ministry Path of Travel, Illustrated
  • Ministry Path of Travel, The Look and Feel
  • Small Group’s Leader Walk-Through
  • Small Group Participant List
  • Small Group Covenant
  • Spiritual Assessment for Individual Students
  • Worship Component
  • Registration Component
  • Games Component
  • Ministry Resources Checklist
  • Child Abuse Prevention