Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 10: Reasons Why I Don't Want to be a Sr. Pastor.

 10. I don't really know what a "hedge of protection"is?

 9. You can't wrestle the deacons...although....?
     8. I wouldn't be able to use my "Nacho Libre" teaching clips

     7. When I forget or don't know someone's name I can't just call them "Dude" or "Girl"

     6. None of my icebreakers would work well in Sunday Morning Adult Worship.

     5. I couldn't clean out my office by calling stuff "prizes" and throwing it out into the crowd.

     4. I would have no use for my fart machine. 

     3. People would expect me to wear shoes around the office.

     2. You can't shoot a "finger rocket" or a rubber band at someone if they are not paying attention while
     I'm speaking

     1. I would miss my amazing pay as a Jr. High youth pastor?