Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teaching T-Shirt #3: "Love One Another"

Here is another "Teaching T-shirt" (See #1 and See #2) for your next up coming lesson on love and John 13:34-35.
I found this one at Target and also ended up buying it for my daughter.  It is was in the girl's section, so it is in a smaller size, just in case you were thinking about buying one for yourself. The fact that Target even "gets it" while we as the church sometimes don't speaks volumes!

This is a great illustration for around Valentine's day or any time you want to talk about love, relationships, friendship and even the community of faith.

A few other suggested passages:
- John 15: 12-17
- Rom. 12:10
- Rom. 13:8
- Gal. 5:13

A few suggested discussion questions:
-  What do you think about the fact that Target had this shirt?
-  Is the message of "Love One Another" universal even outside of church and Christianity?
-  Do you think that Christians and "the church" is known for our loving others?
-  Who is someone that you need to show more love for this week?