Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: "Listening to God" (Uncommon JH Group Study)- Powell

Listening to God by Kara Powell is an undiscovered Jr. High resource gem!  Not featured in any of the usual youth ministry websites, catalogs or even in my local Christian bookstore, this book and the rest of the series, is excellent.  Kara Powell, most recently best known for her research and co-authoring Sticky Faith, give those of us in middle school and Jr. High ministry a powerful, practical tool for teaching a life theology on prayer. This is the 9th in her series of Uncommon Jr. High Group Studies.

The book is divided up into 2 sections, containing 6 lessons apiece.  The first is “Seeking God’s Voice” and the second is “Obeying God’s Voice” both of which are packed with excellent, high end teaching methods.  There is no fluff in these lessons, while containing options for activities and interactive learning, there still remains as the core deep scriptural content.  In addition to the content rich lesson, each also includes a take home handout for the rest of week, available on the book’s resource website.

Pair this book up with the other book in the series Prayer and Worship and you have a small 18 lesson library of resources, and teaching ideas on prayer. This book and the rest of the series is published by Gospel Light and are also available of course on Amazon, if you can’t find them. Also be looking for the next 2 books in the series Dealing with Pressure and Change coming May 2012 and Emotions and Dating coming in October 2012. 

- VIDEO: about the Uncommon Series
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*written for Youth Worker Journal