Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Resource #7: "Digital in Their DNA"- JWT Report

 “Gen Z: Digital in Their DNA,” provides a snapshot of this generation by focusing on their digital habits: how they use connected devices to socialize, spend, shop and more. We also report on how their parents feel about these habits and what this means for marketers. The report is based on a survey of tweens and teens (ages 8 to 17) and their parents in the U.S. and the U.K."

Here is great resource and read for any one working with pre-teens and tweens.  We who work in the JH/MS setting are standing on the tail end of the "Millenials" and a now looking out onto the generation coming up.  Sometimes refer to "Generation Z" but who knows what name in the end will stick.  The facts are however very simple, the game is about the change again.  This is a digital generation living in a whole new connected world. For this group coming up "digital connections trump money, music, movies...connection is essential."  The report points out that this group put a higher value on their mobile devices and phone than on "allowance money and various material goods, and significantly more highly than real-world activities like going to the movies or eating out."

What does that mean to us in youth ministry?  What does that need to say to our churches and organization that we work for?  Take a look, it is a little over 80 pages, but mostly charts and graphs. I would strongly at least taking a quick look.