Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Music # 2- "Love On the Outside"- Willet

The guys of WILLET have been long time friends of our ministry, and our group is huge fans of theirs.They have played our ministry's Saturday night concert venue- "Wired" a couple different times.  They have even stayed around for Sunday morning and led worship in our morning services. If you have never heard of them before here is your chance!!   Their new EP is now available for FREE.  It is produced by another friend of ours Aaron Gillespie, formerly of "Underoath" and "The Almost".  The combination of forces makes this worth a quick download and listen.

Any donations or "tips" that are raised through your appreciation for this EP will go to them playing and sharing the gospel this summer at the London Olympics.  

CLICK HERE to get started and find out more about this band!!

Also check out the video for their new song...