Monday, April 2, 2012

"15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives"

We live in a mobile world and now more than ever we need to be aware of it in the "emerging" generation we work with (MS/JH).  The outstanding marketing and research organization JWT Intelligence is offering FREE a downloadable, 42 page report on the 15 ways that mobile technology WILL change our live and honestly will probably be changing our ministries.

It is well worth the download and a quick read.  CLICK HERE to go directly to the report.  Below I have provided a quick list and overview.

Prayerfully consider and read, as the potential both negative and positive is literally at our finger tips.

1. Everything is "Smart"
2. Widening Access
3. The Humanization of Technology
4. Mobile Devices as Wellness Guru
5. Mobile Devices as Lifesavers
6. Smartphones as everything interface
7. Seamless Living
8. Mobile Identity 
9. Friction Free Purchasing
10. Media Multi-tasking
11. Access over Ownership
12. Hyper Personalization
13. Data Sharing Debate
14. Security Consciousness
15. "Nomophobia" - fear of being separated from your mobile device :-)