Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: "Youth Worker's Commentary on John: Vol. 1"

Les Christie, long time youth ministry veteran, joins forces with New Testament expert, David Nystrom, to write A Youth Worker’s Commentary on John: Volume 1.   The combined youth ministry experience and theological knowledge of these two create an accessible, readable resource.  Forget the boring, stuffy stereotypes of the usual commentary, this is more then a study resource, it is a ministry resource. 

Its verse by verse breakdown of each passage is packed full of information, without overloading the reader.  Unlike other commentaries, each section ends with two sets of questions. The first is a challenge to think through the passage and the second is a challenge to apply and live the passage.  These two sets of questions easily translate into use in lesson preparation or small group discussion.  Another helpful addition is the inclusion of personal thoughts, quotes, and relevant selections from other books and commentaries.

This is a much needed resource in the youth ministry publishing marketplace.  I am almost surprised it was not written sooner.  With a very affordable price tag this is another one of those “must-haves” for every youth worker. Know however that only Volume 1 is available, covering just John 1-8, so be looking for Volume 2 coming in the early fall.   

* Written for Youth Worker Journal