Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: "Ruin Your Life" by Folmsbee & Severson

            Ruin Your Life is a hand-on, minds-on devotional experience in book form.  It is without a doubt the best idea for a devotional book I have seen in a while.  It is fun, creative, and powerful.  It takes the reader on a personal spiritual and kinesthetic journey to a ruined life.
As the “how to” section explains it is a combination of “…journaling, sketching, and scrapbooking…” Each of the more than 40 prompts include an “experience” activity, a “reflection” journal, then a prayer challenge, key verse and quotation.   Each of these prompts is unique and interactive, keeping the reader interested and engaged in the ongoing process.
This book would be excellent for middle school/Jr. higher students, and especially boys.  The messy and hands out format of this book will be an easy sell for those students who are not into traditional devotional books and journaling.   If you are looking for something to use for a camp or outdoor retreat setting, this book would fit very well.  Additionally this book would a great resource if are looking for an idea for something different to add some personal interaction and creativity to a lesson topic.
Overall, I love this book.  It is well done and very creative.  It is one of those books you pick up and can immediately think of particular students in your group that it would fit perfectly.  We teach students with a wide variety of learning styles and intelligences, there needs to be more books like this, that meet the needs of tactile learners in our ministries. 

This is a review written for Youth Worker Journal