Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: "Creative Lessons on the Trinity"- Hedges

 The sixteenth in the series and the third by author Andrew Hedges, Creative Bible Lesson On the Trinity, once again lives up to the name, with twelve incredibly creative sessions on the topic of the trinity.  Each of the session is unique from the rest with interactive activities, attention grabbing video ideas, and solid student handouts.    Each session is planned with at least 60 solid minutes worth of learning that also includes an assortment of options from object lesson, dramas, to even a few artistic suggestions.

I especially appreciate the introduction of a “philosophy of learning” in the book.  The book helps to teach differentiation of instruction and how to meet the needs of the multiple learning styles in your group setting.  The book identifies learners as imaginative, analytic, common sense, and dynamic learner.  Through out the book a symbol is assigned for each learning style and then is used to help easily match up what is the best option for the learning needs of the group.  
Whether you’re a in a large ministry or a small ministry, this book easily adapts to your setting. The “hearing the word’ sections are set up for small group discussion and can be used in an adult-led small group or in a student to student break out group. The range of activities and options allows it to be effortlessly used in both a middle school/Jr. High and Sr. High.  This book much like the rest of the Creative Bible Lesson collection is an outstanding teaching resource for the average youth worker. 

BUY IT!  (*also available for your Kindle!)