Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: "99 Thoughts About Jr. High Ministry"- Johnston

Back in the day, Jay Z had 99 problems. Now the Jay Z of Jr. High Ministry, Kurt Johnson in his new book 99 Thoughts about Jr. High Ministry give us 99 solutions for some of the problems we face in Jr. High Ministry hood.
Quick compact and easy to read, this book drops some outstanding advice, direction, and just down right good common sense. Divided up in 5 sections with highlighted, numbered thoughts for easy reference, the book is a well written resource.  Whether are from the old school and been rolling in Jr. High/Middle School ministry for awhile or brand new to the block, this book is worth the 20-30 minutes it takes to read. 
Use it just as a personal encouragement and sharpening tool, or use it with your volunteer team. Consider giving it out at the beginning of your next youth group year or pick your favorite thoughts and have a “Jr. High Thought” of the week for your team.  However you want to use it, it a must have for anyone working in pre-teen, middle school, or Jr. high ministry.


Written for Youth Worker magazine.