Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Media #8: Teaching Clips-"Mirror Mirror" (*and lesson)

The Snow White legend comes alive.
When handsome Prince Alcott falls for angelic Snow White, the jealous Queen seizes control of a magical kingdom and casts the orphaned princess into exile. Meanwhile, as the diabolical Queen schemes to win the heart of handsome Prince Alcott with the help of her bumbling servant Brighton, Snow White befriends a gang of pint-sized thieves who will help her to reclaim her rightful place on the throne and win back the man of her dreams.
Rated PG - From Wing Clips

Wingclips is offering 3 FREE movie clip illustration for your to use.  I have not yet seen the movie, but knowing it is PG, gives me hope that I will more than likely added to our ministry's video collection.  I am sure you will be gleaning more clips and illustrations when it is finally available on dvd.  For now here are 3 great short clips on: Vanity, Stealing, and Jealousy.  CLICK HERE

FREE RESOURCE #4: Mirror Mirror Lesson

As an additional BONUS: Here is a lesson on "Mirror Mirror" from Paul Asay and Youth Worker Journal.