Saturday, March 3, 2012

Busy, Busy...

I have a few things on my brainstorming list for the next couple weeks to share here.  I will be posting up some more personal resources of my own including lesson, illustrations, games, and reviews.

I just got through our winter retreat the "Wet N Wild Winter Weekend" last weekend and have been in the midst of a some planning conversations and things going on around my church and ministry. The children's pastor and I spent the afternoon last week as part the simulcast conference "GroundSWELL".  It really has given me a few new things to chew on.  I am also working on a few things for some outside writing opportunities for both Group and Youth Worker Journal.

 If you are looking at this or checking here for the first time, please do not give up hope.  Check back next week.  I will be doing more than sharing other's resources and throwing up a few re-posts.