Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: "Creative Lessons on the Trinity"- Hedges

 The sixteenth in the series and the third by author Andrew Hedges, Creative Bible Lesson On the Trinity, once again lives up to the name, with twelve incredibly creative sessions on the topic of the trinity.  Each of the session is unique from the rest with interactive activities, attention grabbing video ideas, and solid student handouts.    Each session is planned with at least 60 solid minutes worth of learning that also includes an assortment of options from object lesson, dramas, to even a few artistic suggestions.

I especially appreciate the introduction of a “philosophy of learning” in the book.  The book helps to teach differentiation of instruction and how to meet the needs of the multiple learning styles in your group setting.  The book identifies learners as imaginative, analytic, common sense, and dynamic learner.  Through out the book a symbol is assigned for each learning style and then is used to help easily match up what is the best option for the learning needs of the group.  
Whether you’re a in a large ministry or a small ministry, this book easily adapts to your setting. The “hearing the word’ sections are set up for small group discussion and can be used in an adult-led small group or in a student to student break out group. The range of activities and options allows it to be effortlessly used in both a middle school/Jr. High and Sr. High.  This book much like the rest of the Creative Bible Lesson collection is an outstanding teaching resource for the average youth worker. 

BUY IT!  (*also available for your Kindle!)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Music #1: Kevin Max New EP

Remember him, yeah the other guy in  DC Talk!!  Not Toby Mac or the Micheal the new leader singer for the Newsboys.  He is back with a new EP that is classic Kevin Max and it being offered for "free".  Donations/ "tips" are suggested, but well worth a quick click to check out his new stuff.

Go to NOISE TRADE to check out more free stuff.  Also as an extra bonus when you download this also get a FREE teaser for Graphic Novel too!!

Ps. Sorry for the scary pic, I think he is trying to ride the wave of the vampire popularity?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Share More Than Your Opinion

Here is my thought, idea, and opinion!  We should start sharing more that just our thoughts, ideas and opinions.  I know that may sound hypocritical and rather silly, but here is the question.  Why not start sharing more than just our opinions and views on blogs, twitter, facebook, and other forums? I am not saying not to share thought and opinions.  I am say share MORE.  Each of us have games, lessons, illustrations, and a ton of other resources just sitting. Let us be honest you teach it, use it or try it and then you are done.  Your students have seen that, done that, then what?  It will sit in a closet or on your hard drive for 2-3 years or more.  Why not get more mileage out of it by letting others in on what you did and how it worked? 

I am excited to see facebook pages popping up and websites like Stuff You Can Use and Youth Leader StashIt is not that great magazines like Group Magazine or Youth Worker Journal aren't giving us places to share, but there should be more. I am scouring the web looking for others who are willing to share, especially in the Middle School/Jr. High forum.  I have found some great post about theology, culture, helpful hints, but not as much just plain "hey, here you go, this what worked great with my group." I would just love to see more blogs and online places popping up where we as MS/JH workers can "pool" our stuff.  Maybe I am wrong and I hope I am.  It just seems to me that there are a lot of blogs and social media dedicated to selling, promoting, defending, and just plain presenting opinions.  All of which is great to a point, but I would just love to see more sharing of the day to day resources. That is why I am trying to make my little place here, a spot to share more than my opinion. 

If you know some great people, places and blogs that are doing this well, let me know.  I would love to send them an apology and some flowers...or something?  For now please feel free to rummage around here for whatever you can find that will help you in your ministry.  As always feel free to comment or send me a message about any question you have.  I am always willing to help and share whatever I am doing or have learned in my 18 years of doing youth ministry.

Free Media #8: Teaching Clips-"Mirror Mirror" (*and lesson)

The Snow White legend comes alive.
When handsome Prince Alcott falls for angelic Snow White, the jealous Queen seizes control of a magical kingdom and casts the orphaned princess into exile. Meanwhile, as the diabolical Queen schemes to win the heart of handsome Prince Alcott with the help of her bumbling servant Brighton, Snow White befriends a gang of pint-sized thieves who will help her to reclaim her rightful place on the throne and win back the man of her dreams.
Rated PG - From Wing Clips

Wingclips is offering 3 FREE movie clip illustration for your to use.  I have not yet seen the movie, but knowing it is PG, gives me hope that I will more than likely added to our ministry's video collection.  I am sure you will be gleaning more clips and illustrations when it is finally available on dvd.  For now here are 3 great short clips on: Vanity, Stealing, and Jealousy.  CLICK HERE

FREE RESOURCE #4: Mirror Mirror Lesson

As an additional BONUS: Here is a lesson on "Mirror Mirror" from Paul Asay and Youth Worker Journal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 10: Church-Based Reality Shows


10. Sunday Morning Fashion Police
9. Are you Smarter than the Children’s Pastor
8. Minute to Preach It
7. Small Group Big Brother
6. Middle School Ministry Survivor
5. Church Basement Pickers
4. Orange County Church Buses
3. The Iron Crock Pot
2. The Amazing Missions Trip
1. Dancing with the Pastors

Retreat Lesson: "Famous One"

Theme Verses: Is. 28:8- Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you;  your name and FAME are the desire of our hearts.

  1. Famous Name- Ps.135:5
    - Question: Who is someone famous that is only known by one name?
  1. Famous Words- Ps. 138:2
    -  Question:  Who is someone famous that is know for their words?
  2. Famous Actions- Hab. 3:2
    - Question: What are things that people do to make them famous?
  3. Famous Power- Ps. 102:12
    - Questions: Who is some famous and powerful?
     Closing  Challenge:
- What is our reaction to famous people’s names, words, actions, and  
-   Who is the TRUE FAMOUS ONE?  Ps. 145
-   Are you a fan of the TRUE FAMOUS ONE?
       Make it Personal Journal:
            -How do I use God’s Name every day? In praise or just an expression?
- How much time to I spend really reading God’s words?
- I am I in awe of what God has done?
- Do I allow God to have power over my life?
       Cabin Time Discussion:
            - Who is someone famous you look up to? Why?
- How do people around you use God’s name?
- What is your favorite Bible verse? Do you have one that you like to quote?
- Share one thing that God has done for you recentl
- Where in your life right now do you need God’s power and authority?
- How do you think our world would change if we truly became God’s Fans?
Additional Resources/Suggestions:

-    “Before They Were Famous? Powerpoint Game (Simply Youth)

-    Opening Video: “How to Be Famous” (You Tube)

-     Closing Video: “Do You Know Why I Worship?”(BlueFish TV)


1.      Fame Monster #1: Selfish Ambition- Phil. 2:3, James 3:14-16
2.      Fame Monster #2: Pride- Job 20:6-7, Prov. 16:18-19
3.      Fame Monster #3: Envy- Gal. 6:3-4, Prov. 14:30
4.      Fame Monster #4: Greed- I Tim. 6:9-11, Phil. 3:18-19
            Closing Challenge: Have you slain the “Fame Monsters” in your life?-
-          Gal. 5:19-25

Make it Personal Journal:
-Are you ever jealous and envious of what others have and you don’t?
-Is there any areas of selfishness or pride in your life?
-You may not be famous , but do you ever do things for other attention?
-What area in your life do you need to “put to death” in order to live differently?

Cabin Time Discussion:
-What do you think about our culture’s obsession with fame and celebrities?
-Even though we are not famous, do you think we struggle with any of the 4 things we talked about? Which one do you struggle with?
-What do you think about God’s feelings and response to fame, celebrity and the things we talked about today?
-What are some ways we can resist the “Fame Monsters” in our culture?
Additional Resources/ Suggestions:

- “Infamous” Power Point Game (Simply Youth)

- Opening Song: “Fame Monster” by Lady Gaga (Selfish Ambition) * Use only clean parts or the first few lines of the song.

- Video Illustrations: Malice- Alec Baldwin as a surgeon claims that he is God (Pride)

- Video Illustration: Envy Movie Trailer- Jack Black & Ben Stiller (Envy)

- Video Illustration: Wall Street- Gordon Gecko’s famous speech on greed being good (Greed)

  1. Yes Lord”- Are we read to say YES?- John 21:15-17
  2. Walking in the ways of your laws..”-Are we ready to OBEY?- Phil. 2:12-16
  3.  “We wait for you..”-Are we ready to WAIT?- Titus 2:12-13
  4.   “Your name and fame..”- Are we ready to SERVE?- Ps. 136:12-13
  5.  “Are the desires of our hearts?”- Are ready to give our HEARTS?- II Tim. 2:21-22
Closing Challenge: Are we the generation that is going to make the Famous One, Famous Again?

Make it Personal Journal
- Do you really want to live differently?
- Do you really want to obey EVERYTHING that Bible says?
- What is God came back today, what would you be embarrassed by your life?
- What is in your heart, really, what is the desire of your heart?

Cabin Time Discussion
- Are you a “Yes” person with others? Do like to agree and please people? How about God?
- Do find it hard to obey, even you don’t agree with the instructions? How about with God’s word?
- Are you a patient person and good at waiting or do you like things to happen immediately? How about in your prayer life and relationship with God
- What do you think people your age (*your generation) have the biggest struggle with? How do you think our world would change if that wasn’t a struggle any more

* This final lesson was outside without media, so I have not provided suggestions or resources

* HERE ARE SUGGESTED LOGO WEAR DESIGNS. We did t-shirts of students and sweatshirts for leaders.  If you are interested the screens are already done, and I can contact the local company we worked with to get your a decent deal: $6 for T-tshirts? $12 for sweatshirts?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Repost/Review: "Volunteer Youth Worker's Back Pocket Guide to Events"

MARCH/APRIL Issue of Youth Worker Journal  (*originally posted here)

Free Media #7: Easter Cloud Motion Background

Great FREE Background with a cool Easter morning kind of vibe from the Centerline Media.  Continue to check back for more Freebies and also check out my resource page for other providers of media resources many who offer monthly freebies! CLICK HERE