Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Review: "Thrive" (Devotional)

Thrive is a devotional book of sorts, if you would like to put a label on it, but it is far more than the average teen/young adult devotional book.  While colorful, topical and each chapter ending with reflective questions, this book is so much more. 
This book’s five sections and twenty-four chapters are real life truths for Christians living with no holding back.  Skip the cuteness and clich├ęs; this book, as its cover says is about ‘more than just surviving your faith’. Each author and chapter leads the reader to truly thrive in their present Christian walk and into the future.
“Section 3: Idolatry” and “Section 4: Decisions Made Now Affect Your Future” over all are my favorite sections, addressing two huge issues in the transition from youth ministry into young adulthood.  Each of these sections through the excellent writing of each contributing author really challenges the reader to stop and think.   Also, I love Hardman’s opening introductions to each section.  He really sets the tone through a good mix of personal stories and scripture.  They are a nice lead into the section preparing the mind and heart for what is to about to follow.
Although the target audience is Sr. High students and young adults, the book is written in a way that even your mature Jr. Highers looking for something deeper can benefit from.   If you are looking for a great one-on-one discipleship tool for you to use personally or a solid tool to hand off to your leaders to use with students, this is it. Also, depending on your context and small groups, this would make a great tool for a 5 or 24 week study in that setting as well.
Overall, it is an A+ resource and worthy of the quick hand-out discipleship shelf in the office. Worthy also of a thorough read by you as well.  

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