Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FREE Media #5: Footage Firm

Here it is another great FREE media resource.  It is from the people at Footage Firm. They offer 184 different collections on DVD.  They offer a wide variety of media resources: motion backgrounds,stock footage, green screen effects, and even music and sound effect collections.

Your cost is just shipping--$8.41 per DVD.  It is a great deal and their stuff is fun and creative.  It is high quality stuff that they claim has been used by MTV, ABC, NBC, DISNEY and a bunch of other television channels. 

Take a quick look and scroll through some of their stuff and see what fits your ministry and setting.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ran-Dumb Fun Resource: Inherit the Mirth

I love Culver Black's Site Inherit the Mirth.  It just always cracks me up.  He is so creative and has a total JH sense of humor!  It also is a great source of what I call "Sunday Funnies", a couple week set of Ran-Dumb fun cartoons to introduce a lesson or just start off our Sunday morning time.  I also have added them into a lesson for attention grabber or discussion starter.

He also has a bunch of great products to purchase, including posters, postcards and greeting cards. If want to go old school and snail mail one of your students the postcards and greeting cards are way better than the run of the mill Walmart blanks.  He does have great E-Cards, the first couple time are free and then you get them for  .99, or I would suggest the 8.99 unlimited year deal. Send them to students for fun or as a lighter way of sending our reminders or "we miss you's".

If you are creative, once a month he also does a Caption Contest, for a chance to win FREE stuff.  I won a while back and cashed on a whole pile awesome magnets for around the office that my students love!
Here is most recent caption contest, that just ended.  I got a quick honorable mention for my sad attempt. (click here to see)